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A User Received an Invalid Password Error When Signing into a Microsoft Account

A user receives an invalid password error even if they type the correct password in.

Causes Invalid Credentials

  1. Using an older device.
  2. Autodiscovery could be trying to login to the wrong server.
  3. Missing server settings
  4. Mobile devices aren't provisioned and ActiveSync connections are not allowed.
  5. Nylas devices are quarantined.
  6. Mail server is behind a VPN.

Solutions Invalid Credentials

  • Older devices will need to have an app-specific password.
    • If the two-factor authentication service in use doesn't support app passwords, please reach out to [email protected] for suggestions.
  • Ask the email administrator what server and the port information should be used to connect. Then, try logging in again by adding the settings under advanced settings.
  • Make sure mobile device provisioning is enabled and that ActiveSync connections are allowed: see Suggested Office 365 Settings.
  • Check that Nylas devices aren't quarantined or blocked: see Checking for quarantined EAS devices.
  • If a user's mail server is behind a VPN or firewall or has strict MDM policies in place, we may not be able to support connecting their account.