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Create an App

Once you're ready to build an app for production, this guide will help you take steps to start building an app.

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Step 1 Sign Up For Nylas

  1. Register for an account at
  2. Click on the app name in the corner, then click Create New App.
  3. Give your app a name, then select the type.
  4. Click Save.

Application Settings

The word application is used in 3 ways at Nylas:

  • Your Nylas application. You can create multiple Nylas applications, and we recommend creating one for testing and production. Each application will have a Client ID and Client Secret. When you add accounts, each account will need to be authenticated against each application separately.
  • Your provider application; Google and Microsoft. We recommend creating a provider application for testing and production.
  • Your local application

Step 2 Decide How You Want to Authenticate Your Users

Nylas offers 2 ways to authenticate, hosted authentication and native authentication. In Step 2 you will learn about each method and decide which one is best for your application.

  • Hosted Authentication - Nylas handles the authentication. Hosted authentication is faster and easier to implement than Native authentication.
  • Native Authentication - When you need to customize every step of authentication.

Step 3 Choose a Provider

After reading up on how to authenticate Nylas accounts, review the information for your specific provider. Nylas connects with every email, contact, and calendar provider. Most are straightforward and only require the IMAP/SMTP settings. We do have guides for providers who need a few more steps.

Step 4 Create a Provider Application

Google and Microsoft require an app to start adding accounts. If you are using another provider such as iCloud, then you can move to Step 5 Install an SDK.

Step 5 Install an SDK

Our SDKs give you access to the Nylas API in the language of your choice.

Step 6 Authenticate Your Accounts

Now that you have decided on your authentication method and picked a client library, grab a copy of our sample app so you can see how to implement both in your application and authenticate an account.

If you are using a Nylas production and testing app, you'll have to authenticate each account aganist each application. After you authenticate an account, you'll get an access_token which can be used to make API requests.

Step 7 Set Up Webhooks

Webhooks let you monitor your application health. Get webhooks for account status, when messages are opened, new events, and more.

Step 8 Make an API Request

That's it! You should be ready to make API requests!

Ready for Production?

Review our production checklist to make sure you're ready for launch.

What's Next?