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Scheduling Page

The Scheduling Page configurations from the Schedule Editor allow for organizers and attendees to have flexible calendar bookings. Once an organizer has setup an event through the Schedule Editor, attendees visit the shared link and start booking on the Scheduling Page.

Booking Experience for Attendees

After an organizer is done with creating and editing an event in Schedule Editor, they're able to share the Scheduling Page with potential attendees. Attendees have several options for selecting a date and time for an event.

Booking with AutoSchedule

AutoSchedule makes it easy to find shared availability between the organizer and the attendee. Since the organizer's account is already connected to your application as well as to Nylas, the attendee only needs to share their free or busy information from their calendar. Scheduler automatically finds times that are available for both parties.

Month View

Attendees see the Month View as the default option when on the Scheduling Page.

Week View

The Week View is another option for viewing available times to book an event. The video below demonstrates the booking flow using the Week View.


By default, when an attendee visits a Scheduling Page to book a time, the attendee's local timezone matches their browser to display times. The attendee can also update the displayed timezone when booking, such as in this example.