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Embedding Scheduler

This guide goes over embedding the Schedule Editor and Scheduling Page into your application.

Integration Options

Schedule Editor

Incorporate Schedule Editor directly into your application for users to easily manage. With this method, Schedule Editor uses the domain of your application.

The Python and Node example applications showcase these use cases. View the Schedule Editor Setup page for more information on integration.

Scheduling Page

To integrate a Scheduling Page, you can use an <iframe> HTML element or mount the page as an external component. In this use case, the Scheduling Page loads on a Nylas domain, for example, as

Custom Domains

Scheduler offers a pageDomain configuration when using an <iframe> to present a Scheduling Page on another domain. This configuration replaces all references to the page's public URL with your domain.

By default, pageDomain automatically adds https; however, if your service doesn't support HTTPS, then you must manually add http.


The function in the code below shows how to include pageDomain within your configuration.{
pageDomain: '',
auth: {
accessToken: <ACCESS_TOKEN>,

Event Listener

Scheduler can also return a reference to the instance through an event listener. The example below uses console.log in Javascript to share when the Scheduler is closed.

var instance ={
displayOnly: ['opening-hours'],
instance.addEventListener('close', () => {
console.log('Editor Closed!')

Best Practices

  • Include any configured Scheduler Webhooks for getting notifications about events and directing users around your application.
  • Make sure the account is not in a STOPPED or INVALID state as these prevent Nylas from syncing.
  • Use lower available_days_in_future values for a smoother experience in your application. Limiting how far in the future a person can book reduces resource use.
  • Review our Smart Integration guide on using the API to manage events from the backend, instead of client-side.


Custom redirects aren't currently a built-in option. To redirect users to your Scheduling Page in an existing workflow, handle this process separately within your application.

Other Offerings

These alternative strategies work to offer custom redirect options in various ways.