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Nylas offers Scheduler in six languages, English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. Schedule Editor and Scheduling Page use the browser's default language. For any unsupported languages, English is the default.

Schedule Editor

Schedule Editor refers to the browser for setting the language for the host. For more control, you can pass an available language configuration in locale to set language as well. Unsupported languages default to browser settings.

  • English - locale: "en"
  • French - locale: "fr"
  • Spanish - locale: "es"
  • German - locale: "de"
  • Swedish - locale: "sv"
  • Simplified Chinese - locale: "zh-cn"
  • Japanese = locale: "ja"

French Configuration Example

In this example, the application is in French and Schedule Editor is also set to match. The user's browser settings aren't used in this configuration.

var btn = document.getElementById('show-pages');
var accessToken = window.location.href.split('token=').pop();
btn.addEventListener('click', function() {
if (!accessToken || accessToken === window.location.href) {
alert('Pour tester l\'ouverture du modal avec un Nylas <ACCESS_TOKEN>, passez ?token=VALUE dans le page URL. Vous pouvez utiliser la valeur de votre fichier .env.')
locale: "fr",
auth: {
accessToken: <ACCESS_TOKEN>,
behavior: {
displayOnly: ['reminders']
defaults: {
event: {
title: 'Introduction',
duration: 45,
reminders: [
delivery_method: 'webhook',
delivery_recipient: 'both',
time_before_event: 60,
webhook_url: '',

Scheduling Page

The user's browser language is the default for Scheduling Pages. Using the dropdown menu, users can change their language preference.

Scheduler doesn't translate the event title or the location for users. The information organizers enter stays in the same language used for those items.

Booking Webhooks

When using webhooks, include recipient_locale as well as other recipient information. The example here uses "en" for the configuration option.

        "recipient_email": "[email protected]",
"recipient_name": "Dorothy Vaughan",
"recipient_locale": "en",

Confirmation Emails

The automatic emails from Nylas are in the organizer's language. The browser configuration for the host sets the language. For attendees, confirmation emails use English as the default language.

Scheduler doesn't translate information from an organizer. If information from an organizer is in another language, attendees see that information in the same language.