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Delete an Account

Delete an account through one of the following methods.

Immediate Delete

Make a request to DELETE /a/{client_id}/accounts/{id}. Accounts deleted using this method are immediately unavailable. You can't upgrade the accounts, access any data, or do anything else with the account. The data is queued for deletion and processes within 3 days.

  • Billing is stopped.
  • Syncing is stopped.
  • If you try to reauthenticate an account deleted using method, prior data will not be available.
  • There are no webhooks sent for deleted accounts.

Downgrade and Cancel

If you prefer a flexible timing before making an account unavailable, first revoke the access tokens and then downgrade the account. The account is queued for deletion within 3 days. Using this method, you can upgrade the account again to activate it. Or, if a user reauthenticates their account within the 3 days, the account won't be deleted.

  1. Revoke the account's access token, or revoke all tokens.
  2. Cancel the account.


For GDPR purposes, if you must confirm a deletion within 3 days, please contact us and make a request for GDPR deletion.