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Use Microsoft accounts and data with Nylas

The Nylas platform drastically reduces the effort it takes to use Microsoft accounts with your application. With just a few lines of code, you can add full email, calendar, and contacts features to your project.

This page introduces you to Microsoft provider auth apps.

Supported Microsoft providers

Nylas supports the following Microsoft providers:

🔍 The Nylas Calendar API does not currently support Microsoft Shared Calendars.

Distribution lists

Nylas supports distribution lists for authenticated Microsoft accounts, meaning your end users can send and receive email messages from distribution lists.

To send email messages through a distribution list, simply set the distribution list email address in the from and reply_to fields.

Microsoft provider limitations

You should keep the following limitations in mind when you work with your Microsoft project:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online has a set of service-specific throttling limits, organized by category (for example, email message limits). For more information, see the official Microsoft documentation.
  • Microsoft Graph has a set of service-specific throttling limits, and an overall rate limit of 130,000 requests every 10 seconds. For more information, see the official Microsoft documentation.
  • Nylas currently supports only individual mailboxes for Microsoft accounts. It does not support alias accounts, shared mailboxes, distribution groups, or Microsoft 365 group lists.
  • In v3, Nylas no longer supports Exchange on-premises service accounts.

Microsoft national clouds

Nylas currently does not support accounts provisioned on national cloud environments (for example, accounts for the U.S. government, China, or Germany). These environments use different Microsoft Entra ID (formerly "Azure Active Directory") endpoint URLs for the authentication process.

Nylas supports accounts authenticated using the following Microsoft Entra ID (global services) endpoint URLs only:

  • microsoftonline​.com

What's next?

Depending on your role, the Nylas documentation has guides to make the most out of your Microsoft project:

You can also review Nylas' Microsoft authentication guide for information on authenticating Microsoft users with your Nylas application.