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The Basics

Learn about the Nylas documentation and how you can get started.

Where to Begin

There are several ways to start using Nylas. Choose the one that works for you.

Get Your Developer Keys

Follow our instructions to get your developer keys and start making API requests. The app won't be production ready, but its a good way to learn about Nylas.

Create an App Guide

This is a good place to start if you are ready to start building production apps. You’ll learn about the different types of authentication, creating provider apps, and review code examples.

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Create an App


Nylas offers integrations for all of your contact, email, and calendar needs.


Connect your application to any email, calendar, and contact providers without needing to build a different integration for each one.

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Take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence without needing to be an expert. Use our APIs to pull data from email attachments, remove extra HTML, and more.

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User Experience

Build out custom experiences with reusable elements. Instead of focusing on solving development problems, focus on the customer experience instead.

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User Experience


We’ve made the Google security review process as easy as possible with our Express Security Review.

About our documentation

Our documentation is split into multiple sections so you can focus on the task at hand.

Nylas Basics

Learn about how Nylas works, getting started, and developer tools.

Product Documentation

Our documentation is organized by product. The product documentation includes tutorials, deep dives into each product, and links to the reference documentation. The product documentation is a good place to learn how to integrate Nylas into your application.


Our API reference is just a reference. Quickly find what you’re looking for and if you need more help, guides are linked from available endpoints.

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API Reference

Developer Tools

Use webhooks to monitor your application, install Postman to make API requests, and use our SDK to quickly build applications.


The documentation follows the same version as our API. We use semantic versioning.


Need help? Visit our support page.


Keep up to date with the latest product changes in our Changelog. Our blog offers tips on getting the best out of Nylas, new features, and developer tips. You can also check us out on Twitter and GitHub.

What’s Next?