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Inviting Nylas to your Azure App

This guide covers how to invite Nylas to your Azure app. Please make sure you've already completed Create an Azure app.

  1. Go to and, in the left-side panel, click Azure Active Directory.
  2. In the panel that opens up, click Users.
  3. Then click New Guest User.
  4. On the screen that pops up, add [email protected] for the guest's email address.
Azure add guest

Giving Permissions to Nylas Support

  1. Go to the Azure Active Directory configuration panel.
  2. Click on Roles and Administrators.
  3. Click on Application Administrator.
Azure application admin
  1. On the next screen click Add assignment.
Azure application admin
  1. Search for [email protected].
  2. Click Select. We should now be able to help you with your OAuth settings.