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Override Sender Display Name

When sending mail through the Nylas APIs, you have the ability to set the display name of the sender. Here's an example body of an API request with the from name that gets set to Custom Name.

"body" : "Sounds great! See you then.",
"subject": "Testing default account name",
"from": [ { "name": "Custom Name", "email":"[email protected]"}],
"to": [
"name": "Michael Pfister",
"email": "[email protected]"

For accounts other than Microsoft/Exchange/O365, you can override this name by passing in a "From" field when sending mail as you see above. If no "From" field is included when you send a message, we will use the default name set for the account. You can find out what the default name for an account is by querying the /account endpoint.

Unfortunately, some Exchange server's ignore "From" headers when sending mail and instead default to the Display Name set for the users Exchange account. In this case, we can't affect how the sender name appears and instead the user will have to update in their settings.