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Nylas Dashboard

The Nylas Dashboard is the main interface for managing your applications and accounts. View a list of all your applications, create new apps, monitor account activity, and more.

Use the menu to navigate around the dashboard. The application dropdown has links to every application. Horizontal bars separate the pages and other items in the menu. The items from Dashboard to App Settings reflect information from the selected application.

Data Residency Regions

Your Nylas Dashboard is connected to your organization's specific region. The table below shows the supported locations and related URLs. See the Data Residency guide for more.

Location Dashboard URL API URL
United States (Oregon)
Europe (Ireland)
Canada (Central)

All Applications

Your dashboard shows the list of all your applications using Nylas. The dropdown list in the menu also links to each application. Select the checkboxes for the application for deleting multiple apps at the same time.

Dashboard Main page