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Searching the Dashboard

As a shortcut, you can search for specific items in the dashboard. Either click on Search or use CTRl + K or CMD + K. Results also include documentation pages.

Nylas Dashboard Search

Available Search Items

  • Create a Webhook
  • View Webhooks
  • Interactive Playground
  • View Accounts
  • View Components
  • Create a new Agenda Component
  • Create a new Contact List Component
  • Create a new Composer Component
  • View Auth Logs
  • View API Logs
  • View API Error Logs
  • View API Warning Logs
  • View Mailsync Logs
  • View Syncback Logs
  • View Webhook Logs
  • View Dashboard
  • View All Applications
  • View App Settings
  • Add Callback URL
  • Add Google OAuth Credentials
  • Add Office365 OAuth Credentials
  • View General Settings
  • View Organization Settings
  • View Billing
  • View Account: <account.email_address>