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Data Residency

Nylas's data residency offering enables you to comply with legal requirements related to storing PII in different geographic regions around the world. As your data subprocessor, Nylas provides the tools and controls necessary to manage and configure where user data is stored. We offer storage in three regions today: the US, Canada, and Europe.

Each region is completely isolated, so data cannot be passed between regions. You must create, configure, and manage separate Nylas Organizations for each region you would like to store customer data in. Your application must be aware of which user a region belongs to so that it queries the appropriate API.

The table below shows the appropriate URLs to manage your Nylas organizations, and what API endpoints to query, for each region.

Location Dashboard URL API URL
United States (Oregon)
Europe (Ireland)
Canada (Central)

Getting Started with a New Region

The steps are the same for all regions.

To start storing customer data in the new region:

  1. Create a new Nylas Organization at the dashboard URL provided above.
  2. Configure your Nylas applications in that organization.
  3. Configure your application code to query the API endpoints associated with the regional data center for accounts in that region.

All of these steps are the same as those outlined in our Getting Started guide for any Nylas setup, but there are two key differences:

  • Make sure to use the appropriate Dashboard depending on the user's region. For example, you will not be able to view users stored in the United States from within the Nylas Canada Dashboard, or view users stored in the EU from the United States.
  • Query the appropriate Nylas API depending on the user's region. You won't be able to query for a user that is stored in Canada, for example. Instead, you must use

Data Residency

Any existing accounts and configurations for your organization at, for example, won't exist in the new region. Each region-specific Dashboard and API is running in a completely isolated environment. This means billing estimates in the dashboard will be region-specific as well.

Nylas Scheduler

Scheduler supports data residency at this time. Review Nylas Scheduler.

Nylas SDK Base API URL Configuration

All of the Nylas SDKs support changing the base API URL. Use the appropriate URL for your region.

NylasClient client = new NylasClient("");   
clientId: 'clientId',
clientSecret: 'clientSecret',
apiServer: ''});
nylas = APIClient(
nylas = 'CLIENT_ID', app_secret: 'CLIENT_SECRET', api_server: '')