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Custom Thank You Page

When visitors complete a booking on a Scheduling Page, you can redirect them to a custom thank you page. Create a booking flow for visitors with additional query string parameters for a streamlined experience with the thank_you_redirect booking configuration.

Activate Custom Thank You Page

For more control over the booking process, you can specify a URL for users to visit after completed with the Scheduling Page.

The code below shows how to include the URL for redirecting.

"appearance": {
"thank_you_redirect": ""

Query Parameters

The data in the table below explains what is also included in the URL when redirecting users.

Query Parameter Type Description
start_time unix timestamp Start time of the event
end_time unix timestamp End time of the event
tz string Timezone setting on Scheduling Page for visitor using IANA time zone database
page_slug string Page slug where the booking took place
name string The name provided when booking the event
email string The email provided when booking the event
location string Location description of the event
edit_hash string Unique ID for cancelling or rescheduling a booking
event_id string Nylas Event id created for this booking
additional_values object Additional fields on the booking form for key-value pairs
*custom query parameters string Any additional query parameters when visiting the Scheduling Page

Keep in Mind

Using a thank_you_redirect includes query string parameters for identifying the guest as well as the Scheduling Page. This is helpful for running business logic as well as creating customized messages for returning the user to your application.

The example URL below shows what information is also included.{}   

To share a link that allows an attendee to cancel or reschedule a meeting, use the edit_hash value for reference. See the URL format below.{page_slug}/reschedule/{edit_hash}{page_slug}/cancel/{edit_hash}

Booking Flow

After configuring a Scheduling Page with a custom thank you page with thank_you_redirect, the query string parameters from the booking flow help to customize, build, and send your own booking confirmation email.

In the link example below, the reschedule and cancel booking links use the same formatting.


Best Practices

Save the Nylas Event ID (event_id) associated with the booking in addition to sending your own configuration email using the data from a custom thank you redirect.